Our Story


A Proven Successful Business Model

Ipcos is an experienced contractor and subcontractor since 1986, by offering renovation and improvement works to residential house and factories under the registered name of Kejuruteraan Besi Dan Elektrik Ipcos. Under the leadership of Mr Teoh Kim Hock.

With the extensive experience in the industry, together with a capable team having ability and high sense of responsibility, recognized quality workmanship, adequate facility and equipment, proper management and engineering team, IPCOS has developed and grown into a prioritized construction solution provider known for good reputation and reliability. We are ever ready to serve our valued clients besides putting endless effort to nurture good long-term working relationship with our suppliers.

With our practical business approaches, efficient investment in infrastructures and long-term profitability, we have built a solid financial foundation. Ipcos has gained excellent credit rating over the years. For the same reason, we are able to cope with a number of major projects at the same times, as well as getting a bank financing for projects.

Ipcos wil continue to demonstrate good faith and serious attitude in handling projects and serving customers. We are targeting at a steady growth over the next 3 - 5 years, and become a preferred one-stop contractor in the region.

At a very early stage of our business setup back in 1994, we start as a contractor providing renovation and building improvement services to factories and residential units. With the handwork of our team and outstanding leadership of the management, IPCOS has developed into a strong group having four subsidiary companies as follow:


By putting together the available resources and talents from each of the respective subsidiary company under an efficient management, IPCOS is pround of its providing full range of construction-related services, including metal and steel structural works, roof covering, gutter, rain water down pipe, anti-climb fencing , polycarbonate skylight, aluminium cladding and plasma cutting service as well as building extension. We are also able to plan and implement and building project on a vacant land. We have a diverse client base consists of commercial customers, industrial customers, institutions, goverment departments and the private sector.

With all members and talents in our teams working closely together, we have the ability to provide comprehensive one-stop construction solutions to build practically anything from scratch. We always ensure that our customers’ needs are precisely attended to by providing our best and reliable solutions. Our director, Mr Teoh Kim Hock has over 30 years of field experience in construction and engineering. He has built a very solid base of resources network, and has been receiving trust and strong support from his counterparts.

A Diversified and Comprehensive Building Solutions Provider

IPCOS Group of Companies by itself is a good combination that provides a comprehensive range of construction services. It has its own structure and system of facilities and materials supply, enabling works to be carried out smoothly without having to face the limitations which always occurs in the case of external supply or outsourcing. Each of our subsidiaries can always work, supply and coordinate closely together , and complete projects according to schedule.

Complete Facility and Effective Team Management

Each company within the IPCOS Group of Companies possess its own best facilities to get jobs done properly and efficiently, these include bending machines, welding equipment, saw machine, painting area, metal work area and steel structure area, vehicles, etc. We earnestly implement the project location and progress of the project supervision of building materials to the unneccessary waste and delays to a minimum.

A Solid Financial Foundation

IPCOS is a profitable company with solid financial foundation. We undertake projects carefully and seriously, and we try to strike a balance between business development, profitability and quality of services to our customers. We have accumulated good credit records and tangible assets in the past decades, which make approval for application of financing facilitiy for business expansion an easier process for us.


With the extensive experience in the industry, together with a capable team having ability and high sense of responsibility, recognized quality workmanship, adequate facility and equipment, proper management and engineering team.


(HQ) 58 & 59 Jalan Murni 4, Kawasan Perindustrian Murni 81400 Senai Johor Bahru Malaysia


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